1 Average Man
2 Cheers
3 Got Some Teeth
4 Hey Lady
5 Dont Come Down
6 The Set Up
7 Bad Bitch
8 Shit Hits the Fan
9 Follow My Life
10 We All Die Someday
11 Spread Your Shit
12 Look Into My Eyes
13 Hands on You
14 Hood Rats
15 Oh!
16 Never Forget Ya
17 Outro


Average Man


[Verse 1]

Hey yo I'm focused, it's the locust

O. Trice is holdin the soldiers, the prognosis

Probably why I rose from zero to hope

Cause I was wide eyed and open nosed on my approach (nigga)

Hold the toast you provoke

44 Snub hugs my scrotum when I roll

Yes I hold my own

Swifty think you be boast clone, I'm aimin

Watch 'em switchin to Damons

And next Friday I can bet you's a changed man

When them thangs in hands, it's not a game man

I ghost ya, I bring ya much closer to Jehovah

Definition of a soldier, I told ya

I .. hold the toast when I approach

It's close at all times by my side in the holster

O-ster roast ya, make me blow my composure

Pop (*gunshot*) it's all over, when the fo fo blows and goes (*gunshot*)



When I'm up in the club

And these niggaz they wanna act tough

'Til they get plugged

Watch them bullets go (*bullet shot*)

Now you touched from a slug

Huggin the streets like you in love

Your heart race like (*flatline*)

The ambulance arrive (*police siren*)

They rush you to the spinner, flyin by my ride

Engine like (*engine revs*), homie you just died

Your family through cryin, I pulled off a crime

Just as quick as ..


[Verse 2]

Lose your face, in a fool's race

I put my tune first nigga, you was in second place

And second place just means you didn't react with haste

And this differentiates life where murder bein the case

And since murder was the case, it just means niggas erase

Another black mother can't eat the food on her plate

Cause she ain't got the taste of raisin you was a waste

Such a short span young man, sit at your wake

First I'm a man, second I'm five eight, with size and weight

Won't give a nigga the upper hand

Cause when I pop (*gunshot*), I get a 's up like Barry Sand

Sit in the can, you never ran like Barry Sand

Obie ain't playin, Obie got a plan

And the plan is NOT to be layin in earth slayin

I will POP before the can and earth slayin

You get SHOT for playin me less than a man motherfucker




[Verse 3]

Niggaz get it twisted, liquor make 'em envision

that gangsterism is disrespectin a niggaz wishes

Which is all the touch talk in front of bitches

Yeah you fifteen deep, the Desert E a give ya stitches

And I can be all the bitches and hoes you wanna

But I warn ya the glock could make it hot as California

You be propped on the corner, flesh meetin the coroner

O's and quarantine, cause no hoes in need, is no hoes in need

Niggaz take advantage 'til I manage to pull that hammer out

They start scatterin, I'm no gangster, I'm a average man

but be damned if I let 'em do me savage man

Before that I'm strapped and will challenge him

Cocked back and that (*gunshot*) gat will damage them

It's not a act, this is fact, this is how I'm programmed

This is me, what I'm about, this who I am motherfucker






[Obie Trice - talking]

A lot of motherfuckers man

Lou Green, Shawn Stringer, Keith Stringer

Lawon, Gu serve, Little Randy

That's what I'm doin this for (EW YEAH!)

Yeah .. we ain't here to mourn

We here to celebrate

So this one is for all my dogs that didn't make it in the struggle man



[Verse 1]

I's remember when I was on the Ave. clutchin them dimes

Gut touchin my spine, bustin my rhymes

Feelin like I'm livin in them lost times

No sight of the future, damn right I shoot ya (ew yeah)

Palm tight on the Rooster

Old in the face, cause this hold on my case

Got my growth at a fast pace

Old folks like "O, oh he's a bad case"

He won't last, his track record'll do the math

Crack solicitation on the Avenue is not new

to your listeners, but this is true, listen up

I got a spew of them, keep it all truth or else

I might as well give this up, feel me now

From rocks to pow pows, glocks to pow-der

I done did it all, so I clutch my balls

And notice they still here, so Obie is still here

So Kobe here's to you and daddy's new career



So grab your cups of beer

Put 'em up let's cheer

Here's a toast to all my soldiers who ain't here

This is it my niggaz this what we boast about

Get your bottles homie, pour some out (ew yeah)

Now grab your cups of gin

Put 'em up let's win

Here's a toast to never lookin back again

This is it my niggaz this what we boast about

Get your bottles homie, pour some out (ew yeah)


[Verse 2]

Now I understand every man got a story to tell

But fuck it, I got a story as well

Growin up where us niggaz either buried or jail

Popped by "Dirty Harry" or popped by the cops

for they yayo, locked in a cell

Who's to blame when I was raised in this hood, when my crew was slain

Only a few remains, ya'll talk about stuggle

With your bubblegum lifestyle (*scratching*) nigga fuck you

I'm here today for fail, pass the way

Bodies deep six nigga, flesh decay

Real cats who had techs to spray

Babies to raise, miss them cradles went straight to the grave

The hood life is in me

So I sip the Remy, while my pockets scream "give me"

Lend me your ear, I'm guaranteein ya'll feelin me

Straight from the block to the industry (C'MON)




[Obie Trice - talking]

Yeah .. all my homies that's deceased rest in peace

My nigga Calski, Little Green

P Funk you'll be home in a minute nigga, haha, we get it poppin

We got a chance to speak to the world nigga, haha, and I ain't stoppin

Straight off the craft .. 313




Got Some Teeth


(*talking in background*)


[Obie Trice - talking]


Damn ..

There's a lot of bitches up in here tonight boy

I'm about to get drunk

Let's hold down, sleep

Where the bar at?

(*crashing noise*)


[Verse 1]

Okay, okie dokey Obie's here

No more focus, hobo's got a career

And I like your brassiere and there's a party in here

And I'm ready to talk naughty in Veronica's ear

She erotic and it's hot, saw Heineken beer

Put it to the side and invite here to "Cheers"

Pull up a chair, swear no drama

Therefore player your workin with a MONSTER (*yelling*)

I ain't got time to waste, let's vacate the place

Shut blinds and drapes, grind to your face in a grimy state

Concentrate, you will find that your bound to get

But we found what's fate

We can watch two incredible mates masterbate

Why settle and wait

Let's escalate to the nearest who bang

To your rear is on the mirrors and they smearin booty cheeks



[Chorus] - 2X

So this is my favorite song

Now sing along when the DJ throws it on

And if I leave here tonight and I fall asleep

And wake up, (*sound of water dropping*), hopefully she got some teeth


[Verse 2]

Okay holy moly derriere

Look around the club booty everywhere

She caught me starin

And my homies darin me to approach Karen

She's model material, but she got a venereal

Tons of baby fathers', baby bottles and cereal

She holla cause I got a lot of genedio

The DJ's playin Obie song on the steady-o

And she's impaired and she wants to be headin home

With the real thing not the dildo clone

And I know I don't wanna be headin home

With some double D's full of silicon

Ten hoodrat chicks surround me outside

Found me outside, clown me outside

'Til I flip out and they found me outside

Cussin at the bitches screamin "off to they rides!"




[Verse 3]

Okay rolie polies everywhere (*horse naying noise*)

Gotta find a slim chick's atmosphere

Obesity's glarin and she got me fearin

She's gonna come over here and try to eat me literal (*crunching noise*)

-ly, like a box of Cherrios

Carry cupcakes and chocolate Tootsie rolls

I'm outta order cause I gotta big girl disorder

So better cover up that blubber or I'll split (*feet running away noise*)

And I ain't got time to play

Let's investigate another place today

Ladies less in weight and the dress they shape

Dresses pettite, no window drapes


[Obie Trice - talking]

Word to mother, they god damn Opera and beans

Got ya Opera and jeans

Seems to me a little lean cuisine

Wouldn't hurt much, hot don't touch




[Outro - Obie Trice - talking]

Haha, haha, ha

You gotta have teach baby

It just wouldn't look right

Look, me big lips ..

You no teeth, it wouldn't work

You know what I'm sayin

Haha ha, yeah

I'm feelin good

Shady Record man

Obie Trice




Hey Lady


[Obie Trice]

Can we re- can we re-enact Biggie's song?

C-can you shit on me?

I just want you to shit on me

[Hook - Eminem {*singing*}]

Hey lady, hey darlin', hey baby

I'm sorry but I can't be your boyfriend

If you toy with my motherfuckin' emotions

I'll kill you

Bitch I'm fuckin'

For real I'll make you suffer like I suffered

If you fuck me then I'll make you fall in love

{*in the background of the hook*}

Hey lady, hey lady

I don't think you really wanna be my girl

(be my girl, be my girl, be my girl)

Fuckin' with me can be dangerous (dangerous, dangerous)

You never know what I really (be like, be like)

(be like, be like, I'm your type)

(And might even get a little bit crazy)


[Obie Trice]

Baby I'm extra large (huge) in magnitude

And Magnums to lubrication that I use

To chose which hole on a ho I abuse (yes)

Have 'em confused, can't tell who is who

When I fuck the shit out you, then the next date (bitch)

I rush the shit out you off my two-way (ooh wait)

You wanna cuddle, emotional hustle up on Pocono's

Poke ya nose in and outta Obie's own

No, I'm in and out your home

And this in and out your tone

I ain't the nigga that settles 'em down

Put 'em in nice homes and floss 'em around (nah)

I bounce 'em around

Camcord the sex and sell 'em around town

How that sound?

If I was in love witcha, now you wanna clown

Fuck with them clowns until I pound on your crown

Bust a few rounds and the cops come and get me

Bad mouth a nigga just to convince a jury

You don't want it with me, you just horny as me

You want a nut, nuttin' but what is you be



I'm internationally known baby but actually

There are few people who know how I am naturally

All you know is that I can act irrationally

When you shove a puppet up in my face on national TV

So they label me this crazed loony rap bully

But truthfully that ain't the truth

And if you believe in that shit

Then you'll believe anything's true

And you're too stupid to ever get to know me personally

But personally that actually works for me

Cuz the last thing that I need's a string attached to me

I'ma bachelor bitch and I ain't in no fast fury

To run out and find a new Mrs. Mathers

Cuz see, technically me and Kim ain't back fully

But we do still make booty calls occasionally

But be damned if I end up back in that pad

And we end up back at that god damn tavern

And havin' another déjà vu, we seein' security

Pass my pussy around like it's Ja Rule's jewelry

I got news for you bitch, your news curfew's early

You ain't home by 2:30 {*gunshot*}

[Hook - Eminem {*singing*}]

Hey lady, hey darlin', hey baby

I'm sorry but I can't be your boyfriend

If you toy with my motherfuckin' emotions

I'll kill you

Bitch I'm fuckin'

For real I'll make you suffer like I suffered

If you fuck me then I'll make you fall in love

{*in the background of the hook*}

Hey lady, hey lady

I don't think you really wanna be my girl

(be my girl, be my girl, be my girl)

Fuckin' with me can be dangerous (dangerous, dangerous)

You never know what I really (be like, be like)

(be like, be like, I'm your type)

(And might even get a little bit crazy)


[Obie Trice]

See you lookin' at the life, you lookin' at the lights (lights)

You lookin' at the ice (ice) you ain't lookin' at the Trice (right)

You should look at some advice when I see he ain't nice (nope)

Despite the fact you think you the feisty type

O love to fight (uh) I love the drama (yeah)

Love when my bitch get to cussin' out Yolanda (fuck you bitch)

Find the Obie condom on the counter

Swingin' her weave, can't breathe like I can't believe

Least I ain't deceieve and try to mislead

And sell a dream just to get you on my team

I came clean to keep down the beef

Keep down my reach, you can keep all your teeth



What we do under the covers should stay between the covers

And the two of us and we ain't gotta be news coverage

On the front page cover of "Buzz's New Lovers"

And this is when the bitch get to showin' the true colors

Cuz the truth of it, everything that I do's public

And you'd love it if you could run and tell all your friends

Guess who you just screwed, assume just me and you've done it

And say that you was rubbered and show 'em the proof of it

But I guess it's do unto others as you'd have 'em do unto you

But you better be careful of who you're doin' it to

Cuz you never know when the shoe

Could end up on the other foot and it backfires on you

Cuz you think you want it then you want me, then you get me

Then you got me and you're fucked cuz you'll be stuck with me

For the rest of your life cuz if I get attached to you

We'll be joined at the hip, I'll be so latched to you

You'll be walkin' out the house and I'll run up and tackle you

Chain your ass up to the bed and shackle you

You don't think you're leavin' this house in that, do you?

Not till I brand my name in your ass and tattoo you

And have you walkin' out this bitch in turtleneck sweaters

Scarves and full leathers in 90 degree weather

Front on me? Never

Cuz we gonna be together forever

Right bitch? {*gun cock*}

Right bitch? {*gun cock, shot*}

[Hook - Eminem {*singing*}]

Hey lady, hey darlin', hey baby

I'm sorry but I can't be your boyfriend

If you toy with my motherfuckin' emotions

I'll kill you

Bitch I'm fuckin'

For real I'll make you suffer like I suffered

If you fuck me then I'll make you fall in love

{*in the background of the hook*}

Hey lady, hey lady

I don't think you really wanna be my girl

(be my girl, be my girl, be my girl)

Fuckin' with me can be dangerous (dangerous, dangerous)

You never know what I really (be like, be like)

(be like, be like, I'm your type)

(And might even get a little bit crazy)

(fall in love) (crazy)

(fall in love) (crazy)

(fall in love) (crazy)



Don't Come Down



Dont come down, things will always work out

Dont come down, things will always work out

Dont come down, things will always work out

So when you find yourself in tears.



As a child I was foul

Ma, I couldn't understand them things that came out your mouth

(Daddy's ain't shit!)

You would fuss, cuss till your blood pressure was up

Then give up and slouch on the couch and drink ya liquor

(Fuck you boy!)

A hard headed nigga I was, quick temper

Short attention span, not attending class (no)

What a dummy, I would run over you hunny

You confront me and say "Obie you no longer have a mommy"

Don't use my phone, don't even eat my food

Matter of fact we don't speak and it was just me and you

In the house with the mouse and them traps and that gat

Waiting on the day for you to pull that trigger back





"You tryin to kill me boy! that's what you wanna do? kill me?!"

Ma you're not feelin me, the beepers not that drastic

"Blasted bastard, you're lying, lying!"

"You tuck plastic freezer bags with dope inside em!"

She knew (damn) but she hated that it was true

"I done raised 2 boys, I can do away with you"

The locks changed and the nights got colder.

I'm slangin boulders lookin like lookin like a boat of toga

But fuck it im the O'Ster, I'm down for mines Ma

She ride by my corner like "I'm not gon cry"

"I will not rid the pain of watchin my youngest man"

"From, on the corner slanging cain to callin the cops"





Even though I left the house wrong

Seventeen years old on my own, using these streets as my home

There's no need to prolong this beef dear I love you

Miss Elenor Trice, I place no one above you

You the reason when I hustle, I knew to stack

The reason when I opened up mics, I knew to rip

Your ethics you enstored in this hectic young brotha

Rubbed off after all, now look at your boy

When they ask about me now, you don't just put your head down

Straighten up Ma, you could smile now proud

Everythings kosher with the boasterous O'Ster

Let's get closer, so regrets never approach us

[Chorus - repeat 2x]

[guitar solo]



The Set Up


[Intro - Obie Trice]

Bitch I see you, cause you know I know you

Yeah I know you.


[Verse - Obie Trice]

Last time I saw you

You was brewed up, booed up, ready for a new fuck

Last time you saw me

I was P-I to the motherfucking M-P WHAT!

And lately I heard you's a broke bitch livin in the lower class suburb

And lately the word is I live in a suburb and I don't fuck with birds

She used to pump on the block

Sell a nigga rocks, bail a nigga out BUT!

She tried to plot on a nigga, vacan't lot one shot bitch died go figure

He used to pay this bitch, gave her lots of shit

Fuck's wrong with this nigga man?

He used to bring her through the hood

Treat the bitch to fuckin good, my opinion

We used to blaze with the bitch, faded off the lick she x-rays the clip

This nigga bought braids for the bitch

Louis Vuitton kicks and tricked on some sucka shit

Meanwhile in the hood she drivin around good

This bitch thinks she's in Hollywood

Meantime she settin the nigga up

Telling us what his stuff she's ready to get him stuck WHAT!


[Chorus - Nate Dogg] (Obie Trice)

Thick thighs but she full of surprises

I swear this bitch is Shady (that's what I know)

Sex on her mind all the time

And you think that that's your baby (you don't know)

You a good guy that's living a lie

But she dove and played your safety (it's what I know)

If you cool and she satisfied

How come that bitch just paged me? (you don't know)


[Verse - Obie Trice]

We had to ride on a nigga

WATCH HIM! for the right time to get richer

We decided when the hit was, run up on him, .45 in the ribs WHAT!

This nigga screamed like a bitch

Showed us what his shit hit her, hell of a lick BUT!

The bitch, who told us bout the bricks exposed us to the nigga

He knew that we'd come BUT! {*gun shot*}

Meanwhile in his hood, his niggaz is suiting up and Timbed, looted up

Rims and new trucks your man 'Livin It Up'

Then a van with no hubs suddenly pulled up and erupt

Shot a nigga the fuck up

Just my luck, the bitch got us both touched, it's like a rush

The bitch who blushed and smoked blunts wit us

Turned out to be nuts, switched up

Mixed up wit the wrong slut

Got my friend zipped up in the bag, it's all bad

My niggaz got my back, in fact

They caught on her Ave, flossin in another nigga cab




Bad Bitch



{*strached "Obie"*}

[Chorus - Timbaland]

He got a bad bitch, said she recognize a "G"

Said she want to roll and get to know Obie

Claming that she love everything that he do, heeeey

He got a bad bitch, said she recognize a "G"

Said she want to roll, and get to know Obie

Claming that she love, everything that he do, hey, hey


[Verse 1 - Obie Trice]

Yes it's O. Trice, I done jumped outta heights

Writing to the microphone life, yeah this is right

This is less stringuest niggaz, this is tight

This is more dividends niggaz, get it right

Stomping like Timberlands niggaz, a pair of Nikes

But this is more Timbaland nigga and Obie Trice

The combination is invading stations, air waves

And rest haven on your listeners membranes (woo!)

I done payed some change, I got Timbo

This is not a brainy thang, yo this is simple

Get your ass up and dance, to the tempo

Exchange your stiff frame, with that of a more limbo

Grab shorty sippin' on that Shirley Temple

With that ass hanging out, and pinch her on that pimple

On her ass hanging out, nigga advance

This a world of a night, better start with the pants




[Verse 2 - Obie Trice]

Yeah, let's keep this shit in motion (motion)

Cause we gon hang out 'til we hung over then I.V. Profin

Adios when (os when)

I fucked them thighs, who influenced with the game that was spoken

I'ma make sure she open (open)

Ménage-a-trois in these's days and times got my shit growing

And she's hoein' (hoein')

And I'm ignoring' the lies she throwing', how she won't perform?

I feed her a blunt throw on the "Quiet Storm"

She repeatedly cum, insistently all morn'

And she needed cause funs up in the purse not growin

Bitch beat it my one's you gets none (nada)

To feel she's treated as if a Playboy or lpay her dumb

I skeeted so bitch your Playboy is on the run

Deleted the bitch, outta direct connection

Thanks for calming' down, my erection, hun




[Verse 3 - Obie Trice]

Yeah, I speak the words of experience (oh) lady I'm serious

Lyrics on my deliverance, is oh so vivid bitch

Oh no hoes up, hoes I spit it bitch (spit it)

Roll up, smoke up dro, and spit on this (spit it)

I'ma outta order cause I break the ice

And squirt liquid in your eyes, all you see is little guys

Swimming in women they claming they like my style

Treat 'em like Ike and ride (bitch!)

I don't a fuck I got the height, sure your right

I'm Barry White tonight (hey) you feeling' alright

Got a buzz and this huzzie saying O's her type

I take her to the high-end and strike (ahh)

Trick for hire, I'll never buy her to bite

Despite she tight, I'll tell the bitch you can have a nice life

See I'm working with these I's in this rhymes

It's I's, all's that not a aus-tin time





Shit Hits the Fan


[Dr. Dre]


Yo, let's bring it


[Chorus – Eminem]

What you gonna do when shit hits the fan?

Are you gonna stand and fight like a man?

Will you be as hard as you say you are?

Or you gonna run and go get your bodyguard?

I said What you gonna do when shit hits the fan?

Are you gonna stand and fight like a man?

And show us you're as hard as you say you are?

Or you gonna run and go get your bodyguard?


[Verse 1 – Dr. Dre]

Niggaz is so gangsta, Niggaz is thugs

Niggaz'll spend their whole life peddlin drugs

Slanging dope in hopes of one day bein able

To own their own label and give the game up

Some niggaz came up, some just didn't

That's just the way it is, if it ain't meant it, it just isn't

Some niggaz'll get money and pay niggaz to back em

So they can act up, feel comfortable, and rap tough

And that's as backwards, cuz them niggaz just gone keep coming back

And that's when extortion happens

You struggle to get free, I know how this shit be

You deal with anything to live legitimately

But you gone find if you do get in this industry

It's best to be business with me than against me

Niggaz get behind mics and ain't even MC's

Niggaz get on MTV just to diss me

This shit don't even piss me off

I'm laughin all the way to the bank

Watchin the satellite from a Bentley

You niggaz don't even got a car

You're so far under my radar

I don't even know who the fuck you are

To tell you to suck my dick while I'm pissin

I don't even listen to your shit to know who the fuck I'm dissin

The media just feeds into these feuds

Tryin to add fuel to the fire. This little nigga, Ja Rule

Talking bout he's gonna slap me. Nigga please

You gotta jump and swing up to hit me in the knees

I laugh at these magazines when they interview em

All they doin is making fake threats to us through em

And pussy you're not Pac, I knew em

Pac was a real nigga, you just a fuckin insult to em

It's too bad we had to fallout before he passes

If he could see this shit now, he'd be whoopin your ass

You're talkin to a pioneer who engineered this shit for 19 years

Who you got in your ear? I don't even gotta say it, the fans know

Quit tryin to be tough, nigga, you look like a asshole


[Chorus – Eminem]


[Verse 2 – Obie Trice]

They say why don't we increase the peace

The only peace increased is that which deletes your peeps

Cuz niggaz run mouths but they don't run streets

Till that 4 5 will cease the speech

Yeah it's a shame how the beef'll creep

Could've reached the peep, now you're left with a horrible leak

I'm tryin to be as bleak with my speech as possible

Just in case a nigga tryin to throw me an obstacle

Nigga, I'm not boxin you, I'm hospitable

I put you in a hospital, that's how I get at you

Let the doc op on you, he don't rid you?

You back on the streets? I send another hit at you

This is not a hypocritical issue

I will critical condition your tissue

Give a fuck if all ten of them wit you

I throw an extra ten of them missiles

Turn gangstas into gentlemen vicko

And ever since Eminem dissed you

I swear I see the women and bitch in you

All this bickering back and forth over who signs who

Curtis, pull your skirt up, nigga, you got murdered

Now take it like a man and shake it off. Damn

And quit tellin all these magazines your plans

How you gone slap up my mans, you're ficticious

Nigga, we send Stan to come murder your bitches


[Chorus – Eminem]



Yeah, yeah

Go out behind all the gangstas you want, nigga

Matter fact, go get every gangsta from every hood

In the United States of America to back you, nigga

Ain't nobody rap wit you

You can't see that?

Fell off, nigga


Damn, damn

Shady slash Aftermath, motherfucker

2003 to infin



Follow My Life


[Intro - Obie talking]

Yeah! (*echo*), uh

Let ya'll niggaz know me

Yeah, WOO!


[Verse 1]

Eleven, fourteen, seventy-seven a nigga entered

Big lips, popped out placenta

Momma ain't breastfeed, had no pop neither

Pop leaves shit but a name - Obie

Elementary homie that's how it started

In garbage, retarded, gainin that heart

Fuck niggaz, claimin they hard, a nigga come home touched

My motherfuckin momma bangin me harder

"Nigga take your ass out their and fight for tomorrow"

That's what she told me, "little punk, blame that on your father"

So I had no choice, nigga pick up a brick

Split a motherfucker's shit for tryin to fuck with the kid

Get a little older, hair on my dick, now I'm curious

Niggaz on the corner gettin money rockin jewelry

Allowance, nigga that ain't man shit

Cowards, nigga that ain't man shit

I had to prove to myself

How these niggaz same age as me calculatin this wealth

So I got me a clique and niggaz what?

Workin one sixteenth, like "nigga we can clean up"


[Chorus] - 2X

Follow my life, homie from start 'til now

Only my motherfuckin momma nigga holds me down

And Lord knows all this shit that I done put her through

I speak through her straight to you, motherfuckers


[Skit - Obie talking]

Two for one, here, here take this, two for one

Quit switching dicks, holla at me, see you fuck with


[Verse 2]

Summer '94, I'm gettin a little dough

Taller than my momma, so I'm listenin to her nose

I'm listenin to them hoes scream "O!"

And I'm listenin to them O's go CHOP!

P-Funk, Joe and me pumpin on the block, summertime

I call her auntie, she cop three at a time

Throw a extra bump bringin cline

I'm so involved with the grind, I'm losin my mind

Fuck a steady job, I'm tryin

I steady mob, I'm dyin in this game, I ain't lyin

Sellin so much coke forgettin it's a crime

Flyin down I-75, pocket full of dimes

Give a fuck about the radar on me (*police sirens*)

Bumpin Big or Pac, yo nigga who tryin me?


[Skit] (*Notorious B.I.G.'s +Big Poppa+ plays in background*)

[Cop] - Get off the god damn truck!

[Obie Trice] - Fuck you, yo I ain't did shit

[Cop] - Put your fucking hands in the air!

[Obie Trice] - Bitch!

[Chorus] -2X

[Outro - Obie talking] (*echo*)

Yeah, all my of life

Only my momma know

Obie .. Obie Trice .. Shady and it's crazy, motherfuckers



We All Die Someday


[Tony Yayo]

Yeah! You riding with the talk of New York, Tony Yayo

Shady Aftermath and Soul Assassins, here we go!


[Chorus: Lloyd Banks]

Niggaz, know what I'm about out here

I don't toot my own horn cause I don't have to

You could run your mouth I don't care

But if you get to close I'm gon' clap you

It's too real out here to be scared

A real nigga gonna do whatever he has to

A man is a last thing you should fear

It ain't considered a crime unless they catch you

We all die one day


[Obie Trice]

Niggaz when I step up in a bar, faggots wanna loot

like you muh'fuckers got Obie Trice shook

Like I'm gon' stand here as a man and

let some queer ass, funny looking nigga get the upper hand

I got issues, got no time, got guns that mourn nigga's moms

Shoot up clubs and destroy niggaz vibes

Everybody running for their motherfucking lives

Tough club niggaz we leave early cock back surely

Open up your fade your grade brain meets Motor City pave'

Your nervous system still twitch off Jay-Z

Hoes and animals skirts get murked

Don't ever let a nigga tell you slugs don't hurt

Don't ever let a nigga tell you to play the bar hard

Trust in God cause youse about to get catch a bullet scar

I give a fuck where you from who you be with

Keep this secret {*whispers*} right by the nuts

A 4-5 that'll light niggaz up and this 4-5 high make not give a fuck




[Lloyd Banks]

But as long as I'm here I'm gonna grab checks

And make my cash stretch longer than giraffe necks

Poverty make your ass bet on words

Touch niggaz in jail make them wanna finish they last sents'

They say you live by the gun, you die by the next nigga gun

If thats the case then get a bigga one

You don't think I pack the pump cause I'm out the hood

That's a stereotype like everybody that's black and jumped

I'm in the white mink the fabric is done

Got rings like Mike, Bird, Magic, and them

Out of Dallas to the palace where the Mavericks is from

Living lavish I'm established, so the cabbage'll come

I'm in the cloud you don't see me on the trains

I travel first class you aint even got a TV on your plane

You should be easy on my name cause I aint going back and forth

Your boss and your captain soft





Cause we gon' bring it to anybody who want it

You want it? You gon' get it

name 'em we gon' hit 'em chew 'em up and spit 'em out {*hoch spit*}

Too much venom and if you roll with 'em

we gon' fuck you up with 'em

I got to much momentum moving in my direction to lose

My shoes will explode as soon as you go to step to them (Broom)

You know how we do it when we do how we do it when we come through

G-Unit, D-1-2 and Obie we all move like assassins

Ski mask and gloves consider this as a warning

Disaster comes faster than you can react to it, just ask Muggs

But we are fizast, fuck your little bitch ass up

We are not killers, my vato will have you shot though

Drag through the barrio and fucked like Kim Osario

Little sorry hoe ass, go ask B-Real

We burn Source covers like fuckin Cypress Hill

Did in the 90's when you was in diapers still

Shady Records you better believe the hype is real

This is no joke, I don't smoke

But I toke enough secondhand to make my fucking P.O. choke

I'm an OG, your fucking with a G.I. Joe

Bia Bia, mia mio a vida loco

I'm a pyscho Mariah ain't got shit on me

When I retire I'll be spittin baby food on people

A tent siged on her ranch huddle up next to her

with Hello Kitty slippers on, humpin her legs

You ever had your cap peeled back or your shit pushed in

I put my blade in you like a fuckin pin cushion

slice your ear clear off, Smirnoff and Hen-dawg

I'll show you to kill a fucking man like Sen Dog

Nobody told you that I'm loco ese?

I lack every sane chemical in my membrane

I'm Slim Shay... D and the 'D' is for deez nuts

And you can get each one for free so feast up

I pee in a cup for three months

I'm having an E party for Easter please come

Cause we-


[50 Cent]

We gon' bring it to anybody who want it you want you gon' get it

You Name 'em and will hit 'em, chew 'em up and spit 'em out {*spits*}

To much venom and if you roll with 'em

We gon' fuck you up with 'em

You can do all them push ups to pump up your chest

I got a twelve gauge Mausberg to pump up your chest

Have you gasping for air after that shell hit your vest

Fear me like you fear God cause I bring death

Silverback gorilla in the concrete jungle

I'm the strongest around you know how I get down

I watch gangsta flicks and root for the bad guy

And turn it off before it ends cause the bad guy die

If you tryin to buy guns from a nigga to look to

So what they got bodies on them they still look new

You can raise your voice like you fend to touch some

When I raise my knife shit I fend to cut some

See I walk like Ron O' Neil but talk like Goldie

If the bitch think I love her the bitch don't know me


[50 Cent] Sorry Kim

[Eminem] Oh Sorry, Oh




[Eminem] Soul Assassins y'all, what up Muggs?

[DJ Muggs] What up Em?

[Eminem] We outta here...



Spread Yo Shit


[Intro - Proof]

Hah! This is DJ Seven Duece

Fresh up out your momma's mouth

So when she spit's you know how I "cum"

You know what I mean, haha

We release the Dogg Hour

Where we give a shout out to my School Craft Playaz

Detroit's in the house, live at Roll-in-Wills

Obie Trice baby, check it out...


[Verse - Obie Trice]

I done did my share of dirt, flipped my share at work

I'm the nigga that lived and slid through terror turf

Did it big with clever workers who hid the crack

In the back bottled up in that Gerbert glass

For what it's worth, I ain't told to have

I'm just rambling, y'all dick handling

Telling my past and you don't know me

Niggaz the name's Obie, I'm bout to expose these motherfuckas


[Chorus - Kon Artist]

When I was down you had a lot to say

You should mind your business and walk away

Talk about them trying to find a way

To spread yo shit 'round town

I ain't really got time for you

With all that ignorant shit you do

Niggaz need money and I do too

That's why I ain't fucking with you


[Verse - Obie Trice]

I wonder would he pass for passer

If a massive ass kick's inflected

It can happen that quick, when spitting shit

Rapidly laying down your fag ass click

From running your lips like a bitch

All I know is something it gotta give

Niggaz I gotta live, it's not a poragative

Don't speak on The Kid

Lid your speech or rid ya in the streets

It's so optional, but I will be logical

Cause when I lodge at you, it's not hospital

Operating poppin' them hot slugs outta your abdominal

Now your momma got a funeral attendin

Just for mentioning Obie Trice the Henchmen

All I wanna do is make music and "bench" man

"Get my weight up" the same shit that Jay said

If you hate up, the AK's is sprayin

Motherfuckers ain't playin!




[Verse - Obie Trice]

That's why I don't fuck with you cats

Cause this all wrap with y'all

But this is not an act at all

Run ya trap, get clapped and fall

Spread rumors recieve malignant tumors

Don't confuse music with us choosin

Adhesive patches won't cover the bruise

Channel Two anchors won't cover the news

They never give a fuck when it's beef between crews

All I know is Obie paid his dues

Made his moves and bitch niggaz hate the truth

They rather see me laid in that body booth

Deep six, rotten so the rats can chew

That's why I don't fuck with y'all

You'll run and get y'alls, and that really sucks for y'all

Talk behind backs but never to him dawg

Wouldn't that irritate your boss?!


[Chorus - repeat 2x]


[Outro - Obie Trice]

Fuckers, Obie Trice



Look in My Eyes


[Obie Trice]

Every man determined his definition of realness

What's real to him

Everybody's got their own definition of gangsta man

Okay, this is my definition of gangsta

Surprise motherfuckers

You thought I never would arise motherfuckers

It's Obie Trice motherfuckers

Look in the eyes of a real guy

I ain't got time for lies

Niggaz frontin like they lyin

Nigga ya not tough

Decease the bluff

These streets is too heated up for you to front

Dre laced the beat

Heated up for you to bump

Real name no gimmicks give my niggaz what they want

Fuck the image of the blunt

That ain't rap dog

Be who you wanna be but let it be fat dog

We'll never let a nigga tell you how you should act dog

Specially when you're fuckin wit automatic gats dog

These niggaz ain't playin

I'm sayin

I'm sprayin

I do my dirty work wit my hands

I'm a man

Layin a nigga down he advance

You fuckin wit my plans

I'm lookin for the tooth


[Chorus – Nate Dogg]

Look in my eyes

Sayin there's a love I can hate

Cuz it's a thin line

Walk around wit my chest out

Like I got 9 lives

Never will get to your strap

Before I find mine

Wonder what the future is like

Look in my eyes

Look in my eyes

Real Gs anticipate

They got to have mine

All the hos shoppin me out

Say it's all about time

Niggaz never open they mouth

Cuz they know my kind

Find it hard to figure me out

Look in my eyes

Look in my eyes


[Obie Trice]

Now when Obie's up to bat

They asked Obie

How you cope wit dat

Cope esthetically man

I Kobe Bryant rap

I'm so defiant that

The lungs uninviting my rhyme

I swear I'm outta my mind sometimes

Out on the grind

My kind

Nickel and dime niggaz we ain't rich yet

We on the corner wit a 40 and a biscuit

Ready for bitch shit

Have you drinkin

We ain't got good sense

My hood so tense

Niggaz so dense

I see through the life you invent

Slow up on how you niggaz vent

You niggaz ain't representin shit

I represent school crowd killas

Detroit nigga

My nigga what

The realest

Exploit niggaz

My nigga what

What's the point in avoidin your feelins

You niggaz fillas

You drillas

You a lyrics motherfuckers

Real life experiences

Eminem gave the clearance

So I here to show you niggaz brialliance

Build it

Shady marine no civilian

O Trice you fuckin wit a real one


[Chorus – Nate Dogg]


[Obie Trice]

This is what the streets done to me


Gun on me

Hopes high only keep change up community

Give it up in unity

Raise future mes

You look in my eyes that's the dream Obie see

Man it seems

It's as easy as the rhyme Obie brings

But my eye shows things intervene

All or in between

It's like losin my team

Losin my freedom, losin my mind, and the being

The being I'm a being

Graduated from rights of beings

To a beance

Congratulated on life's irenes

On your biatch

I done came to far to go backwards

My aim to extreme for y'all


[Chorus – Nate Dogg]


[Obie Trice]

Look in my eys man

It ain't shit but real talk over here nigga

I would never send you elsewhere

I got hair on my nuts nigga

Grown man shit

That's how a nigga get into clubs nigga

When I ain't got no ID

Flash my nuts on they ass

They walk me right in nigga

Ha ha ha ha ha


Obie Trice



Hands on You


[Obie Trice]

Babe uh, yeah!

Girl, you my only one though aight, haha

You my baby, fuck all that shit

You're the one for me

Check it out.


[Verse - Obie Trice]

Baby I'm feeling the feelings you giving, I'm feelin your style

And I'm willing to let my guard down to figure you out

I'm picturing your figure in a swimsuit wiling

Somewhere in the Caribbean Islands

Cause the vibe you giving me now

Feels like I'm an innocent child

Sinning is never tempting when other womens around

Hands down, this is my vow

I never heard a moan sound so profound

When a nigga's digging you out, phone rings

You cuss them motherfuckers out, quit calling the house!

If I call, you're in route

There's a drought, you look out

I'm on edge, you put the palm of your hand on my head and squeeze

Please believe I ain't scared of commitment

Fuck head from them bitches!

When you could do the same, but that respect is given

Our intimacy is significantly different


[Chorus - Eminem] (Obie Trice)

You gon ride for me (you gon ride?)

Then I'm gon ride for you (I'm gon ride)

If you put your mouth on me (put it on me)

I'm a put my mouth on you

Together there ain't nothing we can't do (there's nothing)

Any problem we can see it through (we see it through)

Baby if you promise to be true (you promise?)

I will never put my hands on you

Come on and think about it


[Verse - Obie Trice]

We ain't even got to talk when we see each other

We got it all chalked out when we see each other under them covers

You my lover, I'm your friend, I'm your man, but I'm sayin

Who needs a label, we roll hand in hand

Visions of you having my little man

We joke, you call me George Foreman

Cause I'm namin him O number four, me I'm three

Plus the ol' G like the personality, she say it's meant to be

I'm in the bathroom when you pee

She in the bathroom too when a nigga doo doo, you my boo boo

There's nothing in this world that a nigga wouldn't do to

Satisfy - this my bitch that ride

My bitch wit the pistol in the ride

A nigga act up she busting, she ain't got to decide

No discussion, she'll put a slug in a tough niggaz muffin

You're fucking wit her husband




[Verse - Obie Trice]

Come on and think about it

You got a ring about it

Nothing could ever come between or intervene our bondage

Drama we overcome it if we out numbered

I promise it'll be us against a hundred

Rushing to your side when you vomit eating pickles and peanutbutter

Eight months later Obie rubbing your stomach

Paying homage to your momma for raising a girl proper

Enough to call O her Baby Father

You ain't gotta bother bout a deal, I swear I keep it real

Raise young O trill and cook a decent meal

It's signed and sealed, you the only female

Hail, my one and only pal come to get me outta jail

Post bail and post up for sale

I swore, I swear we will always live well

Long as I got my bombshell from the hood to the hills

Who's gon stop up? nobody! we's that deal




[Bridge - Eminem] (Obie Trice)

If you gon stand by me (if you gon stand by me)

Then I'm gon stand by you (then I'm gon stand by you)

If you promise you'll be true

Then I'll never put my hands on you (hands down)

But! don't you play me for no fool (no fool) bitch!

Cause if I put my mouth on you (on you)

After you put your mouth on someone else

Better find someone else new

Come on and think about it

[Outro - Obie Trice]

Yeah.. Obie Trice







Woman #1: I know that ain't my homie over there

Obie: Keep sendin pages to the motherfucker

Woman w/ Obie: Well

Woman #1: Obie!

Woman w/ Obie: Is somebody calling you?

Obie: Nah, nah

Woman #1: Obie! One ball

Obie: All I'm sayin is I don't even know the situation .

Woman w/ Obie: You know her?

Obie: No, uh uh, I don't know that bitch

Woman #1: Obie don't act like you can't see me

Woman w/ Obie: Well she's calling your name

Woman #1: Turn around and look at me

Obie: Oh shit, Candice this is Sheneneh

Woman #1: Who is this bitch? (*smack*) (*crashing noises*)

Obie: What the fuck! Security! Security!

Woman #1: Let me go!

Security: Come on ma'am

Woman #1: Tanisha get my purse

Obie: Get her outta here

Woman #1: Get my purse!

Obie: Get her the fuck outta here!

Security: Yo, get to her man, need some help with this bitch

Obie: Get that bitch outta here man

Woman #1: Obie! Obie! You know I'm having your babies

Woman #1: They twins, one look just like you, let me go!

Woman #1: And one of them look like your brother, ok let me go!


[Verse 1]

My hoodrat's fatal, they not stable

I could be at a dinner table

with 'Union Gabrielle', fine as hell, pierce in the naval

Look at my rat like she act brand new

"Hey boo, how are you?"

Yeah, cool, now tally-o your ass back across the room

You see me with Pocahontas

I ain't tryin to be honorary but honestly I ain't tryin be bothered

You got a brain, define honors in college

You'd rather define how your knowledge in chronic

I'm tryin step my game up a notch bitch

Your aim the cock block on my plot bitch

She hot and your not, so stop bitch

Quit blowin up my motherfuckin spot, shit



How could you be here? Why don't you leave here

I ain't tryin to see you everytime at my show

I got a piece here, you ain't gotta speak there

You know how we get down on the low

Your playin me cheap here

Tonight I don't drink beer

I got a bottle, so it's time for you to go

You's the freak here, you don't know me here

She's a model, you my late night ho


[Verse 2]

They chase me (Obie, Obie), when they see me in the club

With a lot alike Stacey Dash, they gettin mad

Then they wanna brag and say "already had 'em

He ain't shit cause he rap for Mr. Mathers (girl)

Plus 50 Cent's like ten times badder (girl)

D-12 shouldn't of had him on they album" (girl)

That's what I get just for stabbin them hoes

They nag, when I pose with a chick with nice toes

Ya'll knew O before for new hoes, but since it's a new ho

Just act like you never knew O, boo

We still crew, we just the same (uh huh)

Just not tonight, you don't know my name (you don't know me)




[Verse 3]

Hey yo fellas, never get timid when the chicken is interferin

When your chillin with a chick, who a ten (damn)

Let her know the situation at hand (uh huh)

And tell the bitch go play with her friends (BITCH)

This is for the model that your chillin with, hoodrats is often awful

My advice keep your mouth on muffle

Feistiness give 'em the right to snuff you, and you too pretty to scuffle

This is for the rats, go on with that (go on)

Quit actin like you smokin that crack

Cause he pokin that chick, you ain't ownin on shit

Ain't no rings on that finger

And every nigga in the hood ain't triple teamed her




[Obie Trice - talking]

That's right, ha, you see me at the club

with a, with a look-alike Halle motherfucker

Look alike, look a, look alike Alicia Keys

Haha, you don't know me

Don't say shit, you know who I'm talking to

All my hoodrat bitches

Neneh, Aqua and Trip Entanetta

Haha, all ya'll

I'm straight, Obie Trice





[Verse 1 - Obie Trice]

Yeah, Obie Trice, real name no gimmicks

I came in the game, profane no image

I came in the game, with a name

I was given from a mayn who ain't give a fuck about his child-ren

I proclaim the name though, never in vain no

Watch the change grow, a young nigga who didn't gain from fame

Copped the Range Ro', now they want my brains on the main road

They don't understand what I came for

How I came fo', with a million sold

Who say you can't grow from mildew and mold

Gettin money like Ross Perot

I'm often told, a coffin's the routes I go

Oh that's the road you on, oh no

I'm down for the rifle, tone the fo fo

Don't ever try to send a nigga home, no no

I know you wanna catch me at Sunoco

Show me that your loco put holes in my photo

NOPE!, HOPE!, hold toast, no jokes, send slugs through your Polo

Just cause our thug roll solo

And po' zone grown folk, be a cold negro

Be-low, your grieved up people

Be-lieve that the boy see no evil


[Chorus - Busta Rhymes]

OHH! I had you yellin out when I backed a 30/30 Rifle

OHH! Too late for niggaz to get religious and start readin they Bible

OHH! See you can yell like other niggaz, your pickin a dirty psycho

OHH! See you should make peace instead of makin me become a psycho


[Verse 2 - Obie Trice]

I visualized it, O. Trice at 25 survived it

Bright but violent, invite the violence

Fist fight a fireman, be a tyrant

'Til these niggaz nights is silent

O. Trice from a trife environment

He 'Rock's the Mic' no sight of retirin

Maybe when the bank accounts light like a fire thin

I'm in the position to hire other clients then

Meanwhile I'm a virus like Iverson

A nigga crossover, Europeans admirin

And the soldier's retirin, I ain't buyin

Motherfuckers actin like you denyin them

Who tryin a nigga, who use buyers

I figure your crew tired, my trigger introduces VIOLENCE

Loose the sirus, you in hospital, orange juice and vitamins

No coke




[Verse 3 - Obie Trice]

A derelict who inherited hustle

My heritage married the street struggle

Like a couple of a great unk's ago (yeah)

So this blood streams through my nuts

Seems like I wasn't in touch

When the teacher's ass spoke

Nope, naw I was just a preacher in oath

Sit on the bleachers and flip coke

The only reach you got through my dome

Niggaz yaffle so the gat'll be chrome

Pull the window raffle, so I scramble with a track and the phones (woo)

Fuck a act and a clone, this is actual happening's that's factual back in my home

This is rap, but I ain't rappin so you clappin the zone

Think we trapped in the act, for the sake of performin (nigga)

This is your warnin, run up on the wrong

And your tissue is burning a hundred degrees warm (*Blaap*)

O. Treezy's gone, my nigga Buzz bring the track back here for 'em






Never Forget Ya


[Verse 1 - Obie Trice]

Yes I understand I done came a long way

From huggin them corners to appearin on TV

From choppin up nicks, like this here feeds me

To makin 'em hits, like this shit's easy

But it's not, it's a whole lot of bullshit involved

And truthfully, I'd rather be bullshittin with ya'll

But I gotta chase the donuts, cocoa's growin

And it's like "oh shit, she was just born"

And now she knowin every song on the radio (radio)

If I hear another Bow Wow quotable (*laughing*, oh no)

Grown as ever (yeah), school craft for ever (yeah)

Recognize real when I stare at ya

My niggaz I'm a hold ya down

Even when I'm not around, I'm just gone for now

I'll be back in a while (I'll be back in a while)

Back in a while, yes (said I'll be back in a while)

Back in a while, yes


[Chorus #1 - Obie Trice] (Male Voice)

My niggaz Koon, and G never forget ya (I will never forget ya)

John Doe, I will never forget ya (never forget ya)

Jo Jo, I will never forget ya (never forget ya)

P-Funk, how could I ever forget ya (ever forget ya)

Terry T., I will never forget ya (never forget ya)

My man B, I will never forget ya (never forget ya)

Strafmoore, Obie will never forget ya (never forget ya)

Lauda, how could I ever forget ya (ever forget ya)


[Verse 2 - Obie Trice]

This is dedicated to my chick friends

Never stuck in my dick in friends

Just my down ass bitches, you know who you is

Like you know how to get a sucker motherfucker's riches

Ya'll ain't shit

And when I touch back home, nigga find me a bitch

With a fat ass, and no I ain't dyin a trick

That's asinine, I'm on the grind

And I'm tryin to get rich

All this a mine so ya'll got some, get your wigs did

My ridettes from east to west (yes)

North to south, stab a bitch for runnin her mouth (ha)

Five rugrats, big gun in the house

You run up in you get stretched up out

(without a doubt) without a doubt

(it's vicious), it's vicious

Oh oh, this go out to all my tataliciouses (woo yeah)

Yeah (yeah), that's what I'm talkin about, uh hum


[Chorus #2 - Obie Trice] (Male voice)

Big homie Creda baby, never forget ya (I will never forget ya)

Little Meeko, never forget ya (never forget ya)

My sister Zata, never forget ya (never forget ya)

Nikki, I will never forget ya (never forget ya)

Nigga Cat, how could I ever forget ya (ever forget ya)

Jim Brown, I will never forget ya (never forget ya)

Young Bratty, how could I ever forget ya (ever forget ya)

Keena Johnson, I will never forget ya (never forget ya)


[Verse 3 - Obie Trice]

And now that the album is sold (uh huh),the story unfolds

Cause I'm probably asleep on your living room flo' (sleep)

Whether gold or plat, O. Trice always knows to go back (yeah)

pass the Carnac (pass that shit), crash the Cadillac

Nigga ain't shit changed (uh), just a lot a change (uh huh)

a whole lot a brain (yep, brain), a whole lot a dates (dates)

a whole lot a thang (and a whole lot a thangs)

But hey I'm from the D, I got a whole lot a game (got a whole lot a game)

And I promise, I'm as thorough as you made me

Detroit living, I'm in thoroughly with Shady (ohh yeah)

I make moves 'til them fools come engrave me

They crazy, the pistol was cocked, he won't play me



[Chorus #3 - Obie Trice] (Male voice)

Rest in peace my nigga Lou Green, I will never forget ya (never forget ya)

Little Randy, I will never forget ya (never forget ya)

Keith, I will never forget ya (never forget ya)

Shawn Stringer, I will never forget ya (never forget ya)

Little Randy, how could I ever forget ya (ever forget ya)

My nigga Shan, never forget ya (never forget ya)

All my niggaz that's gone, never forget ya (never forget ya)

I love ya'll, it's on never forget ya (never forget ya)


[Obie Trice - talking] (Male voice)

Yeah! .. yeah

Shady baby! haha

Detroit motherfuckers

(313 baby)

That's right, we in here

Know what I mean (never forget ya)

I've been seein the struggle my nigga (*harmonizing*)

I'm rest to go, rest to go, haha (*never forget ya - repeats*)

I'm rest to go

The color ain't purple, the color is green

And lets get this money

Hop-o, haha, yeah

Momma, right here





(*gun cocked back*)



Nah, we ain't goin (*echo*)

I love bein hated, it great it

Let's me know that I made it

I wouldn't have it no other way

I wouldn't trade it for the world

Only let's me know that I'm loved

by so many other motherfuckers that ain't you

And as long, as you keep fuckin with us, we keep fuckin you up

And keep pullin the rug from up under you

And what's ever more fucked up, is we enjoy what were doin

so much there ain't nothin that we love more than +Pullin Your Skirts Up+

And exposin you hoes so much, people are startin to wonder

what's up with them fuckin one dough a man under-els

Do unto others of you will have done under you

So who the fuck you motherfuckers gonna run to

When someone runs up with a mask and puts a gun to you (*gun cocks*)

You will ask youself, how come your mans

didn't enter that last round that he had in Curtis Jackson's ass while he had the chance

You keep askin us to keep it on wax but we can't

This is past any irrationalization

We have captured national media attention

Conversation is senseless, you can sense the tension start buildin

soon as we enter the '106th & Park' building

Someone's gonna get killed and I swear to God

if someone so much as even touches one of my people

I'll put a million on his head

And you ain't got the funds to match or counteract it

But I'd rather rap than get into this gangsta shit

And it ain't because I'm a bitch

It's because I ain't a bitch, I don't endanger people that I'm with

I'm a general, I ain't Bush, I don't send my soldiers to war

I'm right there in the middle of the shit with 'em, so when I do get 'em

Orders to storm your headquarters, you'll be fuckin with a ..


[Swifty McVay]

Fuckin with a peacekeeper, see you the nigga that greet this lyrical meat cleaver

That I eat ya, niggaz wanna keep speakin, like it ain't even that deep

I got heat that'll sweep a niggaz street (*explosion*)

See I wouldn't fuck with me neither, only heaven can help ya

I'll be searchin for you longer than the "Legend of Zelda"

Without a failure, there's gonna be hell to tell the

captain that a bassett hound couldn't even smell ya

body, when I hide ya, I be on that mob shit

You another Hoffa, under the Renaissance bitch

You get bombed like Lebanon (*explosion*) with my own tactic

I snatch your head like one of Saddam's kids


[Obie Trice]

Motherfucker, I'll handle you

We can have it out on any Avenue

A +Average Man+ flipped into an animal

Shoot out your mandibles

Cannons and ammunition, reload with precision

Nigga know the mechanicals

Break the pistol down, you should see them handles

The street taught the child, no read up manuals

Push your crack vows, young Nino Brown

Chasin green is the dream, when your young and brown

Bound to be a problem child, look what I'm involved in now

A 'Dozen Dirty' niggaz and they all get down

Dissolve any problem that enlarge with ours

When revolvers we said "all men get down" (*gunshot*, c'mon)



While your punchin and tacklin punks

I'm handlin chumps, packin a pump

that's longer than the elephant trunk (*gun cocks*)

On the streets I'm a beast, I feast upon the weak

So speak beef, I'll shot you and scream "increase the peace"

A monster, pistol packin pushin niggaz off they Hondas

Starve ya, get it crackin, yankin bitches for they ganja

Sneaky as fuck, I don't think mama beat me enough

When she was sleepin stuff, I was stealin the keys to the truck

Shut the fuck up, before you end up dead in the dump truck

Or in the streets takin a nap, bleedin and Lugged up

+Who Want What+ like M. Bleek, with this heat if you ten deep

Then fuck it, it will be ten sleepin (*gunshots*)



Know much about my a land ski

Don't tustle with my hand speed

Clutch your burner, bust it and watch your man bleed

We ferocious, toast no holsters

Approach us, throw heat straight from the soldiers (c'mon, *gunshot*)

We the soldiers, ya'll the youngsters (ha)

Youngsters lungs puncture, dead in a dumpster (*gunshot*)

Upstairs the Munsters, hand full of drama

You scared of the drama, bomber the monster (*gun cocks*, boof)

I'm back nigga (woof), I reappear

Shoot like (*gunshot*), homie steer clear

Blackness, carcass covered with cat fish

We murkers with no purpose other than practice



There's three things I hate: liars, fakes and cheaters

Alcoholics, sluts and fuckin wife beaters

A gat that describes my life

I don't even know who song this is (*Obie Trice*)

Bitch, Bizarre don't give a fuck about no hip hop

At my release party in a pink tank top in Reeboks (*laughing*)

This Ja Rule beef I ain't gettin in

I'll meet an R & B singer to sing at my wedding

I turn your face into a fuckin meat patty

I'll fuck your mommy and go fishin with your granny

I'll +Shit on You+, I'll pee on R. Kelly too

This is Bizarre, see you "Devil's Night 2"